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Wendy Sweetie Limauge, Sweeties Brand Inc, The Computer LadyThe Sweeties Brand is the brainchild of Wendy “Sweetie” Limauge. She started her first site, Sweeties Sweeps, back in 2008. Wendy loves helping people save money, get something for free, “win what you can’t afford”, and educate them whether it be about a product, event or new service she and her husband, Greg, try out. Wendy has built a loyal following over the years and they like knowing what she is up to on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and share in her life’s adventures.

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Sweeties Readers Love Us and it Shows . . .

From Burton:

Thank you for the review.  I have owned one for about 6 weeks.  I found your review to be the most comprehensive that I have seen.   Most important of all,you guided me to a case and also eased my Android Market frustration.  I have been looking for a case since I first received the tablet.

From Jennifer:

I’ve been Sweetie’s Girl since nearly Day 1 and….. CONSISTENTLY I win, I nab freebies, tickets, trips…. Sweetie provides honesty and support to each one of us 24/7/365 DAY OR NIGHT. For that, I feel so BLESSED. Thank you for your dedication and passion.

From Kim:

PS I decided to use my Best Buy credit to buy an iPhone 4 (Verizon), and I love it! Your review helped me to decide. Thanks!

From Dena:

Sweetie is the reason why I started entering sweepstakes back the first of December 2010, so I’m a baby sweeper. I read how sweepstakes help you get what you could not afford. I read everyone’s advise on entering contests; being consistent, picking the ones I really want to win, etc. Well, just last week I was notified that I am the grand prize winner of Disney’s Tangled contest and what a wonderful prize worth over $7,000.00….regular people really do win contests..I’m living proof. Thank you Sweetie. I’ve got the bug now.

From Kimberly:

This site is so good I thought I’d let you know! I had no idea these deals were out there…or should I say in this capacity! Magazine subscriptions for $1.99, $3.00 Butterball Turkey Coupon, and you’ve introduced me to the TANGA site. Thank you! And a Happy New Year to you and your fam!

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